Specialized early-stage fintech investor
Upfin is a Nordic VC specializing in early-stage fintech.

We invest at pre-seed and seed stage, either as lead or joining as specialized co-investor. Fund I had a first close of 30m EUR in May 2022, backed by Vækstfonden, a Sovereign Wealth fund, Velliv, an innovative Pension fund & Finansforbundet, the leading Financial services union.

Through Fund I, Upfin will invest in 15-20 truly exceptional fintech teams. We have a Nordic base, but we also look to invest in rest of Europe and the Baltic region.

Upfin originates from and is deeply rooted in the Nordic fintech community. Upfin is an independent and commercial fund created in strategic partnership with Copenhagen Fintech, facilitating access to a community and unique synergy reinforcing both founders, fund and ecosystem accelerating the financial services on a global scale – the Nordic way
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